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The name “Navang Mahal” literally translates to “Palace Of Nine Colours”

The concept of establishing an authentic Indian restaurant which serves high quality traditional cuisine from the northern and southern regions of India, was first conceived by the Singh family back in 1994. From the fruit of hard work, determination and a love of the mouthwatering tastes of India, Navrang Mahal came into being as a family owned & operated restaurant in the heart of Patong and later expanded to include their famous Navrang Mahal at Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa.

Serving locals, expats and visitors since 1994

Restaurant Traditions

Navrang Mahal restaurants are a haven of sensory delights – with every dish meeting the exacting standards of being visually pleasing to the eye, having a tantalising aroma & by no means least, every dish must be a taste sensation. Keeping in tradition with the Royal Mughal cuisine of bygone emperors of India, brass katoris are used to serve our delicacies and are prepared by our hereditary chefs using only the best quality and freshest ingredients.

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Specializing in Indian food

traditional recipes

All dishes served in our restaurants are prepared from authentic Indian recipes which have been handed down from generation to generation in the Singh family. We proudly engage culinary staff of Indian heritage, to ensure the traditions, knowledge & cultural heritage of Indian cuisine are reflected in each and every meal we prepare.

Navrang Mahal caters to diners who enjoy their meals hot and spicy as well as those who prefer a little less heat to their dishes. Choose the venue for your dining experience from either the comfort and pleasure of our air conditioned restaurant, the charm of a balmy tropical el fresco setting, the privacy of room service or our home delivery service.

On Media

Curry Nights 2010


Phuket's Ghost Chili Challange - October 2014

Bhut Jolokia or “Ghost Chilli” was recorded as the world’s hottest chili pepper in 2007 (by Guinness World Records) which is 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce! If you dare to go one on one with “Bhut Jolokia”, then this October 17, come to Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa and take the challenge and show the world!

Tuesday 14 October 2014, 10:00AM


Each contestant will be provided with a standard portion bowl of Bhut Jolokia chicken or lamb vindaloo along with water rice/naan. The fastest will get two room nights with spa and a bottle of house wine at Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa.

The runner-up will get a spa package, while a third winner will get a bottle of house wine and any other person who can finish the bowl will get a voucher for one for the upcoming Curry Friday nights at Navrang Mahal Indian Restaurant.

Please note: basic medical assistance will be provided if required. To join the contest (30 seats only), or for more info please contact info@navrangmahal.com or call 076-286464.

Proudly supported by Class Act Media – The Phuket News, Novosti Phuketa, Live 89.5 and The Phuket News TV

– See more at: http://www.thephuketnews.com/phuket-ghost-chilli-challenge-49077.php#sthash.kA29LdgV.dpuf

Get ready for Phuket’s Ghost Chilli Challenge - October 2015

Get ready for Phuket’s Ghost Chilli Challenge

Get ready Phuket the Ghost Chilli Challenge is back.

Sunday 18 October 2015, 10:00AM



One of the world’s hottest chilli peppers is back to Phuket as Navrang Mahal Indian restaurant is holding its 2nd Annual Bhut Jolokia “Ghost Chilli”Challenge on Friday Nov 06, 2015. Encouraged by the success of the inaugural competition last year, the Navrang Mahal team decided to give Phuket’s chilli lovers another chance to face the pepper that is 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

Native to India, the Bhut Jolokia pepper became known around the globe in 2007, when Guinness World Records announced it as the world’s hottest chilli. A couple of spicier pepper hybrids have been created since then, but Ghost Chilli is furiously hot anyway, ranking at more than one million Scoville heat units. It is not too much to say that a real chilli lover cannot miss a chance to try this little devil, which has not just the kick, but also some quite specific mouthwatering flavours as well.

According to the rules of the Chilli Challenge, each contestant will be provided with a portion of hot Indian curry with Bhut Jolokia for some real kick. The task is to get it down into the belly, which may cause contestants to “inject considerable effort into producing some priceless moment facial expressions”, as the event organisers say (yes, participants are encouraged to be artistic). Then the judges will announce the winners, who will get some amazing prizes. These include a B3,000 voucher from Jaspal Tailors; a dinner for two at Navrang Mahal’s Indian Curry Night including a bottled beverage; two towers of a cooling drink at a Thai & Seafood restaurant at the Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa.

“Chilli Challenge curry will be as hot as, if not hotter, than last year! All I can say is that it will be burning rings of fire,” Navrang Mahal’s owner Jaspal Singh says.

The competition is limited to 20 contestants only (must be paying customers of the Friday Indian Curry Night buffet). Entry fee is B200 per contestant, some other conditions apply.

For details, contact info@navrangmahal.com or 076-286464.

– See more at: http://www.thephuketnews.com/get-ready-for-phuket-ghost-chilli-challenge-54549.php#sthash.wHOoc9ww.dpuf

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